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View, complete, or delete unfinished applications.

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Whenever you begin an application but do not submit it, the incomplete submission is saved as a Draft Submission. Use the Draft Submissions feature to complete those applications, delete them, or view messages sent by the organization.

When you access the eligibility form or initial form (based on project configuration), a draft is automatically generated. Note that information entered on the eligibility form remains invisible until the form is successfully submitted.

Note: Organizations can see any incomplete submissions and can message you about your draft submissions.

View Draft Submissions

To view the list of draft applications, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to My Submissions and click on Drafts.

  2. You'll see all drafts associated with your account, including those for expired or closed projects.

For each draft, you have the following options:

  • Continue: Use this option to continue working on the application.

  • Expired: Indicates that the program associated with the draft has closed.

  • Preview: Allows you to view your draft application, even after the program has closed.

  • Delete: Use this to permanently remove the draft from Submittable.

Continue a Draft Submission

If you want to continue working on a specific draft application, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to My Submissions and click on Drafts.

  • If the project is still active, select Continue to proceed with your application.

Preview a Draft Submission

To view a specific draft application, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to My Submissions and click on Drafts.

  • Select Preview to view your saved work and any related messages.

    • In the Draft Submission view, you can Continue or Delete the draft by selecting Continue or Delete.

View Messages

You can also view and reply to messages sent by an administrator:

  • Navigate to Messages in the Preview Draft Submissions view.

  • You can then view and respond to any messages sent to you.

Note: If the Submitter Messaging feature is disabled by the organization, you won't be able to reply to messages.

View Forms

You can view the specific forms that are incomplete.

  • Navigate to Forms in the Preview Draft Submission view.

  • You can view each incomplete form. Expand a form to view the form in its current state.

Delete a Draft Submission

To delete a specific draft application:

  • Navigate to My Submissions and click on Drafts.

  • Select the draft you want to delete and choose the Delete option to remove it permanently.

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