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Smart Import Form Field
Smart Import Form Field

Use Artificial Intelligence to read and parse a user's W2 or 1099-NEC document.

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The Smart Import form field lets you capture W2 and 1099-NEC forms and automatically extract the information into form fields. This feature makes it easy for you to use data for verification, reviews, and reporting.

When a Smart Import field is in a form, the applicant will be prompted to upload a 1099-Nonemployee Compensation form or W2. The AI will read the document and automatically fill in the correct form fields.

Smart Import fields are reportable in Standard Reporting.

Add the Smart Import field to a Form

This field can be added to Initial, Additional, or Request Forms.

  • Drag the Smart Import Field into the form builder.​

  • Set the document type in the Smart Import Field to W2 or 1099 Nonemployee Compensation. "Conceal Response" is automatically applied, dependent on the Concealed Threshold settings.

View Form Details

Once a W2 or 1099-NEC form is collected from applicants, you can view the information in the submission details view:

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