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Edit Submission Responses

Administrators can edit individual fields, making it easier to keep a workflow moving.

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Administrators often need to make minor corrections and edits to applications, and asking submitters to do this takes extra time they may not have. Submittable offers a way to make these edits. Using a robust tracking flow, administrators and applicants can monitor the extent of these edits and identify the individuals who made them.

Administrators with permission levels 4 and 5 can edit submitted forms. Fields are editable in submitted Initial, Additional, and Request Forms. An administrator can edit only one field at a time.

Edits cannot be made to fields that contain sensitive information, including:

  • Charity Check


  • Fraud Prevention (KBA & IDV)

  • Bank Details

Edits also cannot be made to these fields:

  • Fields that control branching

  • Fields accepting fees

  • Reference form fields

  • Smart Import fields

How to Edit a Submitted Form

1. From the submission's details view, expand the form that requires editing:

2. Click the ellipses next to the field and select “Edit Response.”

3. Click Continue (or Cancel Edits).

Notify the Submitter

Submittable automatically sends a notification to the submitter describing the changes made. The dialog box appears after you've made the edits:

Reason for Edit - Choose from one of the following general reasons:

  • Applicant Request: The applicant reached out for assistance in updating their submission.

  • Minor Correction: The administrator made a minor spelling, grammatical, or similar update.

  • Internal Needs/Requirements: The administrator made a change based on their requirements, such as removing content that could create bias in the review process or redacting unwanted PII the applicant entered.

  • Other: Any other reasons for editing.

Organization View

On the organization's side, a note will appear in the Activity section of the submission details. The name of the administrator making the change appears here:

Click View Edits to see the full edit. The edited response appears above the original response:

Submitter View

Submitters are notified via email and in the activity log of their submission after the change has been made. They will be able to see their original response, the new response, and the reason for the change. This allows for full transparency and ensures that the changes being made are accurate.

Submitter's email notification view:

The submitter's Activity section view is the same. Submitters will not see the identity of the person who made the change, only the organization's name.


Q: What’s the difference between “Open for Editing” and “Edit Response”?

A: If an administrator clicks “Open Editing,” the applicant can edit the form from the Submitter portal. If an administrator clicks “Edit Response,” the administrator can edit the specific field.

Q: What happens if a form is open for editing and an administrator wants to edit?

A: The system will not allow an administrator to edit if the form is open for editing.

Q: Can two administrators edit a form at the same time?

A: Two administrators could conceivably click the Edit Response link at the same time. Each save to the field will overwrite the previous version.

Q: Can an administrator and a submitter edit simultaneously?

A: If the form is open for editing for a submitter, the administrator cannot edit or save changes.

Q: Can an administrator modify the whole form at one time?

A: No, edits are made on a per-field basis.

Q: Auto-save?

A: The forms do not auto-save while an administrator edits a form field.

Q: What happens if an administrator makes a change and wants to undo it because they made a mistake?

A: After saving the edits, administrators cannot “undo” their changes. They can, however, review the activity log and obtain the original response to repopulate the field.

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