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Changing Your Password & FAQs

How to change your password and verify your email address.

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Changing Your Password

If you are prompted to change your password, please follow these steps:

  1. Click “Forgot password?”

  2. Enter your email address.

  3. Click “Continue.”

Find the verification email. It will come from a address. Click “Confirm” in the email.

  1. Enter your new password. Confirm the new password by entering it again.

  2. Click “Reset Password.”

  3. Click the “Back to Submittable” button and sign in to your account!


Q: Is this request to change my password real? Is this fraudulent?

A: Submittable occasionally asks you to change your password. If you see this message on our branded page, it is time! Our commitment to security remains steadfast, and your data is safe with us. Changing passwords periodically is a step in that direction.

Q: Do I have to change my password? I just changed it last week.

A: Yes! This action supports Submittable’s commitment to providing a secure experience. Routine updates help us maintain security standards.

Q: I already changed my password. Why am I still seeing the banner?

A: You may notice that the banner disappeared after resetting your password the first time and reappeared days or weeks later. You do not need to reset your password after completing that action item once. The banner may reappear because you:

  • Cleared your cookies and website history

  • Logged in from a new browser (for example, switched from Chrome to Firefox)

  • Used a new device (switched from logging in on a computer to a hand-held device)

Q: I didn't receive a verification email. What can I do?

A: Check your spam, safelist our emails, and let us know if you still haven't received it.

Q: I sign in using SSO, Google, or Facebook. Do I have to reset my password?

A: No, using a single sign-on method to sign in does not require a password.

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