Organizations may receive more submissions when they allow the submitter to pay in non-US currencies. When adding a fee to a submission form, you can choose from the following currencies:

Australian Dollar
Canadian Dollar
British Pound
New Zealand Dollar
US Dollar

When you accept a payment in a non-US currency, the system will charge the submitter in the currency specified. The Submittable fee is calculated from that amount. The money is immediately converted into USD when it is deposited into Submittable's account.

Unfortunately, Submittable is unable to show the currency conversion rate at the time of a given transaction. Submittable uses PayPal and Stripe as the payment processor, and they tend to use a less-favorable exchange rate than most banks. Because of this, in most cases there will be a small penalty for accepting payments in non-USD currencies -- especially if the money will be converted again when Submittable sends the monthly payment to your organization.

For organizations located outside of the US, Submittable can send your submission fees via PayPal or check. Money will be sent in USD and converted to your local currency by PayPal (if using that option) or your bank (when depositing a check).

For more info on charging a submission fee, please see our help article.

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