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How do I remove or delete a submission I've made?
How do I remove or delete a submission I've made?

Submissions can be deleted or removed from your personal submission list after they are in a terminal status.

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Submitters have the ability to remove submissions that have reached a terminal status  (i.e. Accepted, Declined, Completed, or Withdrawn).  Submissions that are still in an active status (Received or In Progress) can be withdrawn, but they cannot be removed. Submissions with a terminal status can be removed from the Submission List by following the steps below:

In your personal Submissions List, find the submission you want to remove and click on the submission title. This will open up the submission's details page, where you can click the Remove button in the upper right hand area.  

The following dialog box will appear.

Click OK if you are sure you want to remove the submission.

Once you have removed an entry, it will no longer appear in your Submissions list.

Note:  If a submission is not yet in a terminal status (i.e. if it is in Received or In-Progress status), you will not see a Remove button. Instead, you will see a Withdrawal option.  

If you'd like to withdraw a submission from an organization you have submitted to, please see our help article on withdrawing submissions.


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