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Release Notes: September 2020
Release Notes: September 2020

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released in September 2020 (v3.1216 - v3.1231).

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What's new

  • Current Review Stage added to Standard Reporting: Multi-stage review is the feature that keeps on giving: you can now filter by review stage in standard reporting.

  • Randomize assignments by Group: Teamwork makes the dream work. When using the Randomize Assignment tool, you can now select a Group to save time when making random assignments to a large team of reviewers.

  • Edit reviews: Team members can now edit custom reviews on our new form engine. We appreciate your patience on this, and hope you now feel free to make as many typos as you like.

  • Edit headers in Advanced Reporting: Turns out it's more convenient to analyze a spreadsheet with tidy column headers such as "State" instead of a mouthful like "In which state is your organization located?" Go crazy.

Also released


  • Data import is now supported in our new form engine.

  • Increased functionality to remove collaborations from Saved Drafts when Submission Cap has been reached.

  • Invitation pending alert added to newly added team members who did not follow the email invitation link to create their Submittable account.

  • Updated the copy on submission received emails.

  • Exclude Label filter added to the Submission List Export tool.

  • Account management email removed and replaced with link to new contact form.

  • For enhanced security, an 80 character limit for first and last name fields was added when signing up for a Submittable account.

  • Performance improvements to collaborative submissions.

  • Charity Check data added to Advanced Reporting.

  • Updated date range selection in Advanced Reporting.

Bugs squashed

  • In some instances in standard reports, the reviewer title field failed to populate.

  • Changing a submission status to In-Progress within the submission list was erroneously bringing up the Share Review window.

  • The Review Workflow tab for single stage review erroneously displayed the Add Stage button.

  • Auto-assignment emails on our classic form engine were in some cases not being sent.

  • Using cents in the Funds feature was occasionally leading to an error that the award amount had been exceeded.

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