Level 4 and 5 team members can add team members to their organization's Submittable account at any time. There are two ways you can add a team member, either by going to your Team page or by adding the team member while assigning a submission

To Add a Team Member, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Submittable.

2. Click on More at the top of the page and select Team.

3. On the Manage Team page, click the + ADD MEMBER button to open the Invite a Team Member page.

4. Select the type of Permission Level you'd like to give the new team member. The permission levels are outlined below.

5. Enter the new team member's Title (optional) and Email address. Click Send team invitation.

6. New members will receive an email (to the address specified above) that contains an acknowledgment link that they must click to complete the connection.

To Add a Team Member while Assigning a Submission

1. Log in to Submittable.

2. In your Submissions List, check the checkbox next to the submission(s) you'd like to assign to the new team member. Next, click the Assign to Team Member icon (shown below) at the top of the Submissions list.
Note: You can also assign a single submission directly from the Submission Details page by clicking the Assign to Team Member icon at the top of the Submission Details page.

3. In the Assignments window, search for the name, email address, or permission level of any existing team members to whom you'd like to assign the submission(s). Click on appearing names to assign submission(s) to them. To add a new team member to your organization's account while also assigning the submission to them, enter their email address in the Search by name or email box. Then click the link that reads Level 1 to see the choices for the new team member's permission level.

When a complete email address is entered, click Enter or click inside the Invite and assign new team member box. When you're finished choosing the assignments, click Done.

4. Newly invited members will receive an email (at the email address you entered) with instructions and a link that they will need to click to complete the signup process.

Team Member Permission Levels

  • Level 5 (Highest/Administrator): Can fully manage team members, submissions, response templates, submission categories, and the organization profile.

  • Level 4: Can do everything Level 5 members can, except view income reports.

  • Level 3: Can fully administer submissions assigned to them (i.e., view all ratings/reviews, accept, decline, interact with submitter). Cannot view reports or admins' notes. Cannot access settings pages (team members, response templates, etc.).

  • Level 2: Can only view, comment on, rate, and forward submissions assigned to them. Cannot view other team members' ratings or accept or decline submissions.

  • Level 1: Can only view, comment on, and rate submissions assigned to them. Cannot accept, decline, interact with submitter, or view other team members' ratings.

    Click here to view a more detailed permissions chart.
    Click here to view a help article on how to remove a team member.


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