Submissions are assigned to a reviewer by the administrator(s) for an organization's Submittable account. A common workflow scenario for the reviewer is to log in to Submittable, and then view, rate, and make a note on a submission.

To Rate a Submission:

1. Log in to your Submittable account.

2. Go to your Submissions page, and click on a submission in your Submissions List.

3. You'll be taken to the Submission Details page. Scroll down to the File Upload section and click on the title of the file to open the File View. 

4. Review the file, and navigate to the next file (if there is more than one) in the submission via the left-right < > arrows on each side of the File Viewer. Or, use the dropdown menu to the right of the file name to select a specific file you'd like to view:

5. To exit the File View, click the X icon in the upper right-hand corner of the file.

6. If you would like to see the File View of submissions by default when you open a submission, click on the More menu in upper right of the Submission Details page and select the "At opening show file preview" checkbox.

g7. If the organization uses the thumbs up/thumbs down rating system, rate the submission by clicking the Thumbs Up , ?, or Thumbs Down buttons at the top right of the page. A thumbs up is 1 point, the ? is zero points, and thumbs down is -1 points. If you've voted and decide you want to change your vote, simply re-cast your vote by clicking on a new button. Your vote will be updated to reflect your new vote; each reviewer's vote will only count once.

 8. If the organization is using a review form, rate the submission by clicking the tab at the top right corner:

Complete the review form. At the bottom of the Review form is a Save Draft button to save information. When you're finished, click the Finished button. You cannot change your entries after clicking Finished.  If you need to make a change in your review, contact your administrator to have your form unlocked.

9. If you'd like to add a comment or note to a submission, you can add a note in the Activity tab. Optionally attach a file to the submission along with your note by clicking on the paper clip icon.

The maximum file size that may be attached to a note is 20 mb. Finally, choose to make the note visible to the Entire Team who has been assigned to review the submission, Admins Only (viewable only by Level 4 and 5 team members), or viewable by the Submitter by selecting a Visibility option. 

If your system permission level is Level 1 or 2, you cannot share a note with the submitter. Save your note by clicking the Add Note button.

10. If you're a Level 3 to 5 team member, you can email the submitter when needed by clicking the More dropdown menu and selecting Send Email in the Submission Details page.

11. Once you and your team have rated the submission and are ready to accept or decline it, you can accept or decline the submission by clicking on its Submission Status button (which will typically say In-Progress) in the Submission Details page and choosing Accept or Decline. You can also accept or decline submissions in the Submissions List by selecting the checkbox next to the appropriate submission(s) and choosing the Accept or Decline button at the top of the Submissions List. Note that only Levels 3 to 5 team members can accept or decline a submission.

12. To review another submission in your Submissions List, click the left-right < > arrow buttons in the upper left-hand corner of the Submission Details page and repeat steps 3 to 10.

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