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What does each Form Field do?
What does each Form Field do?

Learn about what each Form Field does, and how to use them when building forms.

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Below are the names and icons of each tool in Submittable's form builder. Our form builder contains designs and features intended to expand your form-building capabilities.

Name - Request first and last names.

Address - Collect address information. Before adding this field, you'll want to be aware of the Require Address feature, a setting in your organization's public profile that when activated automatically collects address information from submitters prior to them filling out an application.

Short Answer - Request short responses. Maximum characters: 1,000

Long Answer - Request long responses. Maximum characters: 10,000

Dropdown List - Request responses from a list that is viewed as a dropdown when clicked. The dropdown list helps save space in your form.

Single Checkbox - Provides a single checkbox, accompanied by a textual statement. This form field is often used to ask submitters to acknowledge a stated condition by checking the box.

Multiple Response - Offer a list of choices, from which an applicant can choose one or more of the answers provided.

Single Response - Offer a list of choices, from which an applicant can choose only one of the answers provided.

File Upload - Enables submitters to upload text, image, video, audio, and specialty files. Up to 74 files can be uploaded to each upload field. The default maximum file size is 400MB (800MB per submission). Here is a list of all acceptable file types.

Table - Upload your responsive spreadsheet that can be filled in when a form is live.

Number - Request a response that is restricted to a plain, pre-formatted number. You can choose to collect numbers as a percentage or a currency amount, which will show the corresponding symbol in the live application and in completed forms. You can also set the number tool to represent a wide selection of world currencies, as well as set minimum and maximum number entry parameters.

Social Security Number / ITIN - Request a social security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). The numbers will be concealed depending on the concealment threshold settings. Expired ITINs will not be validated. Specific information about restricted SSNs and ITINs is available here and here.

Employer Identification Number - Request an employer identification number (EIN).

Unique Entity Identifier - Request a unique entity identifier (UEI). This was formerly known as a DUNS number.

Date - Request a date from applicants. A date picker is made available and a date range can be set.

Email - Request an email address.

Website - Request a website address.

Phone - Request a phone number.

Text Only - A field where you can enter instructions or additional information. This is not a data entry field.

Reference Form - Request a reference using a reference form.

Divider - Inserts a horizontal line between fields to help visually delineate a section change in your form.

Charity Check - Automatically screen applicants based on their EIN. This field uses Candid to validate numbers.

Bank Details (US) - Request routing and account numbers of U.S. banks.

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