*Note: this article refers to features associated with Submittable's new form engine, and may or may not be applicable to your organization's account. Please contact our support team with any questions.

Below are the names and visual icons of each tool in Submittable's new form builder. Our new form builder contains designs and features intended to expand your form building capabilities at the same time as it makes it easier for you. For those of you that are familiar with our previous form builder, you'll notice that some form fields names have changed. Text Box and Text Area are now called Short Answer and Long Answer. Checkbox Lists are called Multiple Response, and Radio Lists are called Single Response. The Text Block field is now called Text Only.

Name - Provides 2 entry boxes for a first and last name.

Address - Provides entry boxes for address collection. Before adding this field,  you may want to be aware of the Require Address feature which auto-collects this information from submitters prior to them filling out any application.

Short Answer - Provides a one line text box for short typed responses.

Long Answer - Provides a larger text box for long typed responses.

Dropdown List - Creates a list of response choices of any length that is viewed as a dropdown when clicked. The dropdown list helps save space in your form.

Single Checkbox - Provides a single checkbox accompanied with a textual statement. This form field is often used for something to ask submitter's to acknowledge a stated condition by checking the box.

Multiple Response - Allows the creation of a list of choices, from which an applicant or submitter can choose one or more of the answers provided.

Single Response - Enables the creation of a list of choices, from which an applicant or submitter can choose only ONE of the answers provided.

File Upload - Enables submitters to upload text, image, video, audio, and specialty files.  Up to 74 files can be uploaded per file upload field.

Table - Upload a responsive spreadsheet that can be filled in when a form is live.

Number - Request a response that must be a number.  You can set a minimum and maximum number entry.

Date - Request a date from applicants.  A date picker is conveniently available and date range can be selected. 

Email - Request an email address

Website - Request a website address

Phone - Form field used to request a phone number.

Cover Letter - Provides a field where applicant's saved cover letter ( this is stored in their account profile)  will automatically be inserted.

Text Only - Provides a field where you can enter just instructions or additional information only.  There will be no place to provide for applicant responses.

Divider- Inserts a horizontal line between fields to help visual delineate a section change in your form.

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