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What notifications should I expect to receive to my organization email address?
What notifications should I expect to receive to my organization email address?

How to designate your main org email address, and what notifications you should expect to receive there.

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When setting up your organization's Public Profile, you'll be required to enter an email address for your organization, which is referred to a your main organization address. This address will serve as a central location where many different types of notifications from Submittable are received. You can always change this address by navigating to More > Account > Profile.

When choosing this address, you'll want to consider who in your organization has access to it, and how you'll want to configure any Project settings (see below), since potentially this email address will receive a high volume of notifications. This chart details when to expect notifications to your main organizational email address:


Notification Received

New Submission Notification

Yes, if option is selected in specific Project


Submitter withdraws submission


Initial form edits completed


Additional Form completed


Additional form closed for editing


Reference form completed


Reference form closed for editing


Message initiated by the submitter


Replies to messages originally sent from main org email address


Submission cap reached or percentage reached

yes, if option is selected in Project

Note that every time you set up a Project, you have the option to receive notifications to your organiztion's email address each time a submission is received. This notification is in addition to notifications that are received by auto-assignees. This checkbox option is under the Notifications tab for each Project, as shown below.

You may also optionally choose to receive a notification to your organization's email address when you have a submission cap set, and you reach the limit, or get close to reaching the limit. You will find this setting for each Project under the General Settings tab for the Project.


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