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Build Your Program

Learn how to build forms, create an equitable applicant experience, and collect the information you need to launch your program exactly the way you want it.

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How can I make my full application available to applicants ahead of time?
DocuSign Integration
Fraud Prevention for Organizations
Eligibility Forms
FAQ: Sales Tax
What is Address Verification?
How large can file uploads be?
How does my Project's deadline appear for submitters in other time zones?
Reference Forms
Social Security Number / ITIN Form Field
How can I set a submission cap limit?
How can I require applicants to verify their email?
How can I accept applications from nonprofit organizations?
How can my organization use Submittable's Discover feature to promote calls?
What does each Form Field do?
How can I use the Bank Details (US) form field?
How can I create a Hidden Project?
How does the Number field work?
How can I provide a downloadable file for applicants to complete and then upload to an application?
How can I automatically collect submitter contact information?
What currencies can be applied in a number form field?
How do I customize the look and feel of my organization's Submittable Page?
What does each Form Field option do?
What is the correct size for the header image on my organization's landing page?
Can I make changes to a live Project or Form after receiving submissions?
Scheduling a Submission Deadline
How can I limit multiple submissions from the same user?
What will fields marked "concealed response" look like to my reviewers?
How do I set up my organization's Public Profile?
What will happen if I edit a review form?
Internal Forms
What are the different form types available in my organization's account?
How does the Submission Name field work?
Charity Check
How do I add an image to my response templates?
Using the Funds Feature
What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and how does it work?
Collaboration for Submissions
How can I add Branching to my Project?
What kinds of file types can I accept in my form?
How can I set acceptable file types for a form?
How can I add fees throughout my Form?
Can I request metadata when submitters upload a file?
Can I charge submission fees in a non-US currency?
How can I offer a discount to certain submitters?
How can I add a Table to my Form?
What spreadsheet formulas can I use in Tables?
How can I add a Terms of Use checkbox to my submission form?
How can I add images, videos, and hyperlinks to my guidelines?
How can I make my organization’s Submittable page and submission forms accessible?
How can I delete a Form?
How can I make a test submission to a Project?
How can I upload a list of options to a Dropdown List, Multiple Response, or Single Response field?
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