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How can I use the Bank Details (US) form field?
How can I use the Bank Details (US) form field?

Securely collect bank details information from your applicants.

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The Bank Details (US) form field provides an easy way for organizations to collect secure banking details from applicants. This field is designed specifically to receive US Bank Routing and Account Number entries, and can be used to collect both (or either of these numbers individually) within any application. The Bank Details form field is available for use with all Form types except Eligibility Forms.
Submitters and organizations alike can rest assured that sensitive banking information is safely stored on Submittable's SOC 2- and HIPAA-compliant platform.

To Add a Bank Details (US) Field to your Form, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Forms.

  2. Drag the Bank Details field from the Form Field Toolbox into your Form. You will find it at the bottom of the toolbox list on the left.

  3. The default appearance of the Bank Details field will show entry boxes for a Routing Number and Account Number. You can delete either one of these fields by clicking on the trash can icon just to the right of the entry boxes. You can also re-add either of these entry boxes at any time after deletion by clicking on the Add account number that appears after removing the corresponding field.

    Applicants are required to confirm each numerical entry in a confirmation field, and the platform will automatically confirm that a 9-digit routing number has been entered into the Routing Number field.

  4. Included in the field is a warning panel to remind users that this field captures sensitive personal information, and it's recommended that organizations use Submittable's Concealed Response feature to control the visibility of this information. Concealed settings are configurable by checking the Concealed Response checkbox in the form field settings area.

  5. After checking the box, you will want to navigate to your Project settings and set the Concealed Threshold user permission level under the Notifications tab for the Project.

Note: Information captured in the Banking Details field will be reportable in both Standard and Advanced Reporting areas.

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