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I just submitted. What’s next? (FAQ)
I just submitted. What’s next? (FAQ)

Questions about what happens after you submit? Check here for answers.

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Where can I find my submission?

When you log into your Submittable account, your submissions will be listed under the All Submissions tab. Click on a submission to see activity, any messages, the submission content, or to add notes. If you don’t see your submission, you may have multiple Submittable accounts. Click here to learn more about what to do in that scenario. Learn more.

What’s the status of my submission?

The status of your submission is listed to the left of your submission title when you log in to your Submittable account. Learn more about what submission statuses mean.

How can I change or edit my submission?

Open the submission you’d like to edit by clicking the submission title from the main page when you log in to your Submittable account. Then, click Edit in the top right corner of the page. This will trigger a request to the organization to open your submission to editing. Note that not every organization permits edits to submissions. Learn more.

I have questions about the opportunity and/or the organization’s process.

Every organization that uses Submittable to collect applications has a different review and selection process. For details about a particular opportunity, contact the organization directly, either by messaging them within Submittable in the messaging tab or via contact instructions on their website. Learn more.

How can I find more opportunities?

Discover is Submittable’s opportunity marketplace, where you can search for and save relevant opportunities for you. Click here to go to Discover now. Learn more.

What can I do if I get an error message or find a bug?

The quickest way to resolve any issues is to troubleshoot by searching our Help Center. You can also contact support directly by filling out the form here.

How do I change my contact information?

You can change the email address of your Submittable account by going to your profile. Click here to go there now. Learn more.

How can I delete my Submittable account?

If you no longer wish to use Submittable or receive communication from any organizations to which you have submitted applications, you can delete your account by emailing a request to Learn more.

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