Additional Forms

Additional Forms enhance your submissions with data collection, file uploads, and payment options.

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Additional Forms allow levels 3, 4, and 5 team members to send requests for more information after submitters have completed an initial submission. Additional forms will be automatically associated with the original submission. For example, grant organizations can use additional forms to request progress reports from their grantees. Or in a multi-stage application process, organizations can send additional forms to applicants who have gone through an initial review stage to gather the next set of required information.

Get started here to create an additional form:
How can I create an additional form?

You can allow collaboration on additional forms:

You can send your additional form in a couple of different ways:

Track your additional forms and keep up with their status:
How can I track additional forms?

Additional forms enable you to add fee options:
How can I add a payment option to an additional form?

You can open completed additional forms for editing if submitters need to make changes to an additional form:
How can I allow a submitter to edit an additional form?

Set a soft deadline for an additional form:
How can I set a deadline on an Additional Form?

And send reminder messages to submitters with outstanding additional forms:
How can I send a reminder to submitters who need to complete an additional form?

You can also schedule additional forms to be sent out in the future:
How can I schedule an Additional Form?

Interested in adding Additional Forms to your account? Contact account management.

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