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How do I view, manage, or complete a Submission?

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Once you've started your journey as an applicant, it is easy to end up with a dozen submissions awaiting a response. Thankfully, you can keep track of all of your submissions in one convenient place.

The My Submissions page lets you manage your submissions, complete saved drafts, respond to collaboration requests, and enter external submissions.

Opening the My Submissions Page

  1. Log into your Submittable account.

  2. Click on the Submissions tab at the top of the screen.

  3. The browser will take you to the My Submissions page.

Logged in as an Organization?

If you are logged in as an Organization, you can access your personal My Submissions page by clicking on your initials in the upper right corner and selecting My Submissions from the drop-down menu.

The My Submissions page

The My Submissions page is divided into several sections.

  1. Search Submissions toolbar

    Search through your submissions by organization name, opportunity name, or date.

  2. Submission Category tabs

    The My Submissions page is subdivided into different categories. My Submissions shows all completed submissions, Drafts displays the submissions you saved, Collaborations shows the collaboration requests, and External Submissions lets you manually input submissions made outside of the Submittable system.

  3. Sort by menu

    Select the Sort By menu to change the order of the submissions displayed in the Submission view.

  4. Filter menu

    Select the Filter drop-down menu to limit the Submission View by the status of your submissions. For more information on submission statuses, see My Submissions Tab below.

  5. Download icon

    Click the Download icon to save a .csv file of all of the currently displayed submissions in the Submission View.

  6. Submission view

    The Submission View shows all of your submissions, both active and completed. Here you can see the status of the submission and submission number, as well as the Organization, Project name, and date. For more information on the Submission view, see My Submissions Tab below.

My Submission tab

When the My Submissions tab is active, the Submission view will list all completed submissions, along with their current status.

Submission Status

  • Received

    Your submission has been successfully sent to the organization and is awaiting review.

  • In-Progress

    Your submission has been received and is currently under review.

  • Declined

    Your submission has been declined.

  • Accepted

    Your submission has been accepted.

  • Completed

    Your submission has been processed and is no longer being considered.

  • Withdrawn

    Your submission has been withdrawn from consideration.

Submission Details page

To view, edit, or otherwise interact with a submission, click the name or number of the submission. You will be taken to the Submission Details page. For more information, see the Submission Details page.

Drafts tab

When the Drafts tab is active, the Submission view will list all saved submission drafts. Saved drafts are incomplete submissions or submissions not yet sent to the organization. The drafts are listed by Organization, Opportunity, and Due Date (if applicable).

Save drafts can be Continued or Withdrawn. Selecting Continue will open the submission at the last point you saved it. Selecting Withdraw will delete your draft.

Collaborations tab

When the Collaborations tab is active, the Submission view will list all submissions that have a collaboration request. Collaboration requests give you the option of contributing to an existing submission that another person started. For more information, see Collaboration Next Steps FAQ.

Reviews Tab

If the organization has enabled Shareable Reviews, the Reviews tab will appear. This lets you see the results of your submission in detail, along with comments from the reviewers.

External Submissions tab

When the External Submission tab is open, the Submission view will list all of the submissions you have entered manually. An External Submission is a tool to track a submission made without using Submittable. For more information, see External Submissions.

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