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Manage Your Processes
Manage Your Processes

Communicate with applicants, collaborate on scoring, and even track and disburse funds in one collaborative space.

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What happens when I make a team member inactive?
How does Data Import work?
How can I extend a deadline for submitters?
Password Requirements
Additional Form Deadlines
Billing FAQs
How can I find our Account ID number?
1099-K Information
Building a Custom Review Form
What sent-from email address will show when I send messages?
What notifications should I expect to receive to my organization email address?
Scheduling an Additional Form
How can I allow a submitter to edit an Additional Form?
Managing Your Projects
How can I set up Multi-Stage Reviews?
Additional Forms
How can I use the Request Agreement feature when accepting a submission?
How can I manually assign submissions to team members for review?
What causes a submission to change from New to In-Progress?
What should I do if my organization is nearing our free submission limit?
Can reviewers edit finalized review forms?
What notifications should I expect to receive from Submittable as a reviewer for an organization?
Additional Form Collaboration
How can our organization archive or unarchive submissions?
How can I unassign submissions?
How can I track Additional Forms?
Why doesn't Submittable support Internet Explorer 11 or legacy versions of Microsoft's Edge browser?
How can I allow a submitter to edit a submission?
How can I conceal certain applicant information from reviewers?
How can I add a team member?
How can we customize an auto-response?
How can I Accept or Decline submissions in bulk?
How do Auto Labels and Custom Auto Labels work?
How can I change the way Submittable sends monthly payments for my organization's fee-based projects?
Response Templates
How do I review, make a note on, and rate a submission?
I have been invited by an organization to be a reviewer. What are my next steps?
How can I create an Additional Form?
How can I change my organization's subscription payment information?
How can I send a message to multiple submitters at once?
Should I remove or deactivate a team member?
How can I add a payment option to an Additional Form?
How can I use the Group Assign feature?
Project Guidelines and General Guidelines
Can I randomly assign submissions to a set number of reviewers?
How can I get an offline list of my organization's team members?
How can I edit a team member's account?
What happens to my organization's account if we exceed our free submission limit?
How can I label submissions?
How can I turn off notifications from Submittable?
How can I request refunds for my submitters?
How can I set up a Review Workflow for my Project?
Progress Reports
How can I delete a submission?
How do I enable submitters to send a message about a submission?
Can I view the Submittable platform in a language other than English?
Can I integrate my Submittable account with Google Analytics?
How can I use Zapier to connect my Submittable account to 3rd-party apps?
How can I add a publication date to a submission?
How can I report a Submittable user who is displaying inappropriate or abusive behavior?
How do I attach a note to a submission? Who will be able to see it?
Search Filters
Why did I get an error message when paying my account invoice by credit card?
How can I send an Additional Form?
How can I rearrange the order of submissions in my submissions list?
How do I use or remove the Calendar feature?
How does Submittable's Messaging feature work?
How can I manually enter submissions?
How can I schedule reminders for reviewers to complete their assignments?
How can my organization optimize communications with submitters?
How do I change the default view displayed in the Submission Details screen?
Video File Transcode Error
Send reminders for Additional Forms
When should I change the status of submissions?
How can reviewers attach a file to a submission note?
Is Submittable HIPAA compliant?
Is Submittable SOC 2 compliant?
Shareable Reviews
How can I view 360° and VR video content?
Automated Scoring for Forms
How do I switch between my personal Submittable account and my team account?
How does Submittable check for submission files that may contain viruses?
How can I Safelist Notification Emails from Submittable?
Permission Levels
Manage Linked Organization Profile
Draft Submissions
Reviewer Workload Dashboard